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Romantic Shades of Pink for Lips and Cheeks

Sometimes you just want to look pretty; adding any shade of pink on your lips and cheeks will do just that. It's easy to learn how to apply soft, romantic makeup. The trick is to not be heavy handed. A little color is needed for romance. Think of pink roses instead of red ones when choosing your hues. Use cosmetics to enhance your appearance, rather than be the star of your overall look. This makeup trend is supposed to have a natural, whimsical look to it. 

First things first! To create a romantic look, you need the right shades. Here is some insight into what hues to look for based on your skin type.

  • Porcelain Skin: If you have porcelain skin, look for a lipstick shade that is brownish pink or soft apricot, cheeks should be in a pale peach, apricot or very soft natural-blush pink and for eyes, stick to cool neutrals or soft pastels. Shades of gray can also work for an evening makeup look.                                        
  • Fair Skin: If you have fair skin, look for lipstick colors in warm neutrals like nudes and pinks, a pink shade for the cheeks (anything from brownish pink to fuchsia) and for eye makeup, you can wear almost any shade in the warm and cool tone range. Just avoid anything yellow or orange and keep the shades muted.  
  • Medium to Olive Skin: Light olive skin should look for coral and peachy pinks or berry, plum and browns for lipsticks, coral pink and soft orange tones for blush and neutrals within the earthy brown and mossy green shades for eye makeup.  
  • Olive Skin: Dark olive skin tones look great with a dark, warm color to warm the lips, apricot and peachy pinks on the cheeks and warm gold, peach, olive or plum tones on the eyes.                                                    
  • Dark Skin: Deep skin looks great with almost any deep shade (think berry, rose, coral, coffee) on the lip, plums and apricots on the cheeks and bronze, burnt orange, olive, sapphire and plum colors are flattering for eye makeup.

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